I wish to have a charity soccer game

I wish to have a charity soccer game

Chrissovalantis, 14, Greece

A wish

“I cannot describe my experience in words. Thank you to all the people who were able to help make my wish come true!”

Chrissovalantis’ wish shows how every wish is truly unique. Chrissovalantis has always had a deep passion for soccer. Prior to his illness, he used to play all of the time. However, as a complication from one of his surgeries, he is no longer able to play the sport he loves as he once did.


Chrissovalantis’ wish to have a soccer game between his favorite team, PAOK, and the Greek National Team that won the 2004 EURO CUP was even more unique because he also wanted to “give back” through his wish. He wished to have all proceeds from the game’s tickets go toward supporting the child oncology clinic of Thessaloniki’s AXEPA hospital, where he was treated.


On his wish day, he was treated as a teammate visiting the locker rooms, acting as a referee and of course sitting at the team’s bench along side the rest of PAOK’s players. The team also gave Chrissovalantis a PAOK uniform and a soccer ball signed by all of the players.