I wish to meet my friend Brynne

I wish to meet my friend Brynne

Ellie, 7, Canada
trichohepatoenteric syndrome

A wish

Bonding over their rare condition – Ellie and Brynne had one true wish – to meet each other in person

There are only a few kids in North America with a rare condition called trichohepatoenteric syndrome. Ellie, a 7-year-old from Canada, became long-distance best friends with Brynne, a 6-year-old girl living in Texas, with the same condition as her. They became each other’s support system – helping each other cope with the obstacles their illness often brings. Since they had never met, when it was time for both of them to choose their one true wish – without either one knowing, they both chose the same wish: to meet each other in person.

Thank you to Make-A-Wish Canada and Make-A-Wish North Texas for granting Ellie’s and Brynne’s wishes.