I wish to be a knight

I wish to be a knight

Hamish, 4, United Kingdom

A wish

Hamish loves everything about knights – their swords, their shields, their armor – and is inspired by tales of brave heroes rescuing damsels in distress. So it came as no surprise to Hamish’s family that he wished to become a knight.

On the day of his magical wish, Hamish and his family were taken to a castle by limousine. Hamish was greeted by actors, who told him a story of a brave man who becomes a knight. As they told the story, Hamish played the part of the fledgling knight. He fought off baddies with his own sword and shield and rescued his mum Laura from monsters, before being knighted as ‘Sir Hamish’!

The wish wasn’t just a fantasy escape for Hamish – it was an adventure for the whole family, including Hamish’s 2-year-old brother, ‘Squire James’.

“It was amazing to have a special time together as a family, without any stress,” Hamish’s mum Laura told us after the wish.

Hamish will remain on maintenance chemotherapy until April 2016, and will need to be in remission for the next five years before he’s declared clear of cancer. But through this time, Hamish and his family will always have the magical memories to cherish from his special day.