I wish to go seawater fishing

I wish to go seawater fishing

Jeremy, Hong Kong
bone tumor

A wish

It’s been a long time since we last saw Jeremy so energetic.”

One of Jeremy’s favorite hobbies is to go fishing with his family at the pier. One day, being the curious little boy he is, he looked at the tiny fish he caught and wondered, “would I be able to catch even bigger fish if I went deep-sea fishing? His curiosity is what drove him to his wish. Make-A-Wish Hong Kong’s wish granting team decided to set Jeremy and his family sailing into the deep-sea.

On his wish day, Jeremy was in full fishing gear ready to set out to catch some big fish, especially after learning some secrets tips from a volunteer who was a fishing master. Sitting there in full focus, Jeremy saw his rod start to sway suddenly. Pulling up his fishing rod, Jeremy smiled with excitement and yelled, “I caught one!”

The joy on Jeremy’s face enlightened everyone around. Jeremy turned into a very energetic and talkative little boy, which really impressed his relatives. “We have never seen him so lively and full of so much joy. We are so blessed that he had so much fun today.”

Jeremy’s wish marked the 1,600th wish granted by Make-A-Wish Hong Kong. Click here to learn more about the wishes being granted in Hong Kong.