I wish to be a ballerina

I wish to be a ballerina

Olivia, 5, Australia

A wish

“Her wish has made a difference in her life.”

When Olivia was given the opportunity for a wish, to become a ballerina for a day, her parents hoped it would just make her feel like a little girl again.

Olivia’s journey began after The Australian Ballet heard about her wish and were eager to help make her wish come true. Since every ballerina needs a mentor, Olivia had one-on-one dance lesson with Brooke Lockett, the lead performer in The Australian Ballet’s The Nutcracker. After putting on the tutu and ballet shoes they had given her, Olivia’s face instantly lit up with a smile.

After forming a special bond with her mentor, Olivia received a VIP trip to see Brooke perform in The Nutcracker.
Her wish has left her with a smile on her face and hope for her future.