I wish to be a fireman

I wish to be a fireman

Pedro, 6, Brazil

A wish

“I want to be a fireman because I want to save lives.”


Little Pedro always dreamt of growing up to be a fireman. The magic began as soon as little Pedro saw the fire truck, “Mom! Dad! Look – a fire truck!” As the truck’s siren roared, he smiled from ear to ear. Seeing the fire truck heading toward him sparked an excitement in Pedro that his parents had not witnessed in some time – absent during their frequent hospital stays and treatments for his brain tumor. His amazement grew when he heard the intercom call his name:


“Calling fireman Pedro! Attention fireman Pedro! Pedro to the rescue!”


Two firemen jumped out of the truck to tell Pedro they needed his help with a rescue. He was so surprised but immediately took on the role of fireman, shouting, “let’s go!” After rescuing a woman and her puppy from apparent danger, Pedro received full honors of the local fire department including a custom uniform and official badge. The wish left Pedro and his family with a renewed energy and positive outlook to take on whatever uncertainty they might face amidst his ongoing fight against his illness.