I wish to have a princess bedroom

I wish to have a princess bedroom

Salma, 6, UAE
life-threatening blood condition

A wish

“She is the happiest I’ve seen her in a long time.” – Salma’s mother


When it came to shopping for her new bedroom furniture, Salma ran for the bedroom set in her favorite color – pink!


The bedding was patterned with all of her favorite princesses – and the bed fit for not just a princess, but a queen! When she was taken to the carpet area, she jumped and lied down on the one she wanted and refused to get up – lying there giggling with a smile from ear to ear.


After her room was complete, her mother called to thank Make-A-Wish UAE for making Salma so happy and giving her so much positivity to look forward to another day. She said that Salma just doesn’t want to leave her room, as it makes her so happy. She also said that Salma tells everyone, whomever she meets, about her special princess room.