I wish to be a pilot

I wish to be a pilot

TJ, 5, Thailand

A wish

“The wish made a huge difference to his self-esteem.”

At just two-years-old, TJ’s life started out a little differently than most children. When his family found out that he had leukemia, they knew their ordinary life was about to change, and that their day-to-day routine would be filled with frequent hospital visits, treatments and medicine. Instead of playing outside and going to school, TJ spent most of his days in the hospital until the age of five.

Once he was back at home, TJ would sit and watch airplanes fly over his house, fascinated at the sight of them. Their house was next to the airport, so TJ started to dream about becoming a pilot one-day. He even watched a documentary about pilots, which confirmed that being a pilot is exactly what he wants to do when he grows up. When TJ found out he would have the opportunity to have his one-true-wish come true, it was very clear what his wish was going to be – to be a pilot.

On his wish day, Pilot TJ learned all of the important techniques to fly a Fleet 604. TJ was overcome with joy and excitement at the thought of his first flight, and even more thrilled that he would be co-pilot. The smile on his face and the determination in his eyes gave Pilot TJ the strength he needed to carry on fighting through his illness.